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  • What's it like to be a 16 year old in Uganda?

    Sixteen year old Ajemo Catherine has a six month old baby called Acedu-Lawrence and lives with her husband's family in a small compound in Dokoro, Uganda. They have two bulls, five goats and grow millet for bread and cassava as a stable food.

    Ajemo-Catherine gets up at around 6am every day and after a wash she sweeps the house and sets off to the nearby well to make her first collection of water. The well is called Ocor-Irionion and was built by the community with support from WaterAid. She is pleased to have clean water for her baby as she knows without it he wouldn't be healthy.

    After carrying this water home she does some work in the fields tending the crops. Breakfast isn't until around 12am when she eats some cassava or pumpkin. After this she carries on working in the fields with her baby on her back. The next task is to collect firewood before lunch which is about 3pm. She then has a short rest. On Saturdays Catherine does the washing. She also has weekly trips to the market. Evenings are spent having a meal and talking until going to bed.

    This story is from the WaterAid website. Visit them to find out more and to donate