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  • Q Drum: Reinventing the Wheel

    Women in developing countries fetch water, carrying heavy loads on their head. Whenever I've seen women carry such weighty parcels, I've wondered how they do it. If I put that much weight on my head, I am sure several things would happen:

    • My neck would break
    • I'd sustain a back injury
    • I'd fall over

    My traveling companions think that if you start out as a small child carrying such loads, that you get used to it. Used to it or not, who wants to spend a good part of their day just to fetch water, and the water might not even be clean! I've done my fair share of fetching water when I've gone backpacking. It's charming for about a week or two. Then it gets tiresome.

    Piet Hendriske thought there had to be a better way to carry water. So much so, that he took time off from his career as an architect to design a new water-fetching container called Q Drum. You've got to check out the Q Drum website. It's amazing! (Photo courtesy of Q Drum.)

    The Q Drum is a drum with a longitudinal shaft through it. You thread a rope through the shaft and start pulling. The drum rolls behind you. No more neck strain! What a great idea.

    Now the bad news. Each Q Drum costs $30 to produce, which makes is unaffordable for the people who need this the most. How can we get this marvelous invention to those who need it? Make a donation to Blue Planet Run Foundation.

    Hear Piet Hendriske talk about Q Drum. See it in action by watching this video produced by Tri-Film Productions.