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  • Yaws, It's Not a Typo

    You might be thinking I mean Yawn or Jaws, but I really mean Yaws. It's a disease that children in tropical areas can get. Caused by a bacteria, yaws starts out with a sore where the bacterial infection started. Children get lesions and develop inflamed bones and fingers. If not treated, the child's skin and bones can be destroyed and disfigured.

    The good news is that yaws can be cured by penicillin if you treat it early. One shot would have prevented the man in this picture from a life of disfigurement. Can you imagine? The fact is that poor people in developing countries often can't get the treatment. They simply don't have access to health care.

    Why do children in the tropics get this disease in the first place? Overcrowding, poor personal hygiene, and poor sanitation.  Without adequate access to water, it's difficult to have good personal hygiene and sanitation.

    You have the power to help stop yaws and other diseases related to lack of water and sanitation.